10 Minute Musicals


01-A Most Average Musical Open
02-A Relative Relationship Open
03-Ant and Grasshopper Open
04-Bittersweet Lullaby Reserved
05-Book Lovers Open
06-Bystander Open
07-Cookie Soiree Open
08-Cooking For Two Open
09-Dead Flowers Open
10-Dinosaur Open
11-End of The Line Open
12-Finding the Words Open
13-Franklin Pierce Dragon Slayer Reserved 
14-On Your Mark! Open
15-Pellets, Cherries, and Lies Open
16-Run This Town Reserved 
17-Superhots! Open
18-The Almost In-Laws Open
19-The Answering Machine Open
20-The Charm Open
21-The Facebook Fighter Open
22-The Hipster Sister Open
23-The Only Thing That Matters Open
24-Welcome to Ridgington Open
25-What’s Your Wish Open