For our next fiscal year 2022-23  Clearview Community Theatre has a Board of Directors numbering 15 and 5 youth in our Director Mentorship Program.  Four positions are the executive (president, vice president, treasurer, secretary). All adults serve for a 1 year term.  Director’s meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm. All members of the group are welcome to attend. Please contact Gren Bray (705-888-2894) for the location of an up-coming meeting.



Position Name
President Gren. Bray
Co-Vice Presidents Désirée Danbrook, Ken Wilson
Treasurer Laurie Gee
Secretary Charlotte Davey
Director John & Lydia Bramberger
Director Bradley Crittenden
Director Diane Crittenden
Director Deanna Baker
Director Jade Keith
Director David Reid
Director Kelley Weir
Director Danielle Wyant
Director Dwayne Wyant
Youth Grace Baker
Youth Grace Bray
Youth Jackson Bray
Youth Quinn Hammond
Youth Aster Smith