Children’s Troupe Rehearsal Tracks

01- Birds of a Feather High Part 01-Birds of a Feather-High Part 04-Rap of the Raptors Part One
Low Part 01-Birds of a Feather-Low Part All 04-Rap of the Raptors-All
All 01-Birds of a Feather-All 05-Wing It Part One
02-Flying-We Like It Here Part One 02-Flying-We Like It Here-Part One All 05-Wing It-All
Part Two 02-Flying-We Like It Here-Part Two 06-Birds of a Feather – reprise High Part
All 02-Flying-We Like It Here-All Low Part
03-The Humming Song High Part 03-The Humming Song-Part One All
Low Part 03-The Humming Song-Part Two
All 03-The Humming Song-All