Godspell Rehearsal Tracks

01-Prologue Socrates 01-Prologue-Socrates 10-A-Learn Your Lessons Well Lead 10-Learn You Lessons Well Reprise-Lead & Chorus
Aquinas 01-Prologue-Aquinas 11-Turn Back Lead 11-Turn Back-Lead
Galileo 01-Prologue-Galileo Jesus 11-Turn Back-Jesus
Da Vinci-Edwards 01-Prologue-DaVinci-Edward Chorus 11-Turn Back-Chorus
Hubbard 01-Prologue-Hubbard All 11-Turn Back-All
Sartre-Williamson 01-Prologue-Sartre-Williamson 12-Alas For You Jesus 12-Alas, Alas-Jesus
All 01-Prologue-All 13-By My Side Lead 13-By My Side-Ella
02-Prepare Ye Lead 02-Prepare Ye-Lead Second 13-By My Side-Grace
Soprano 02-Prepare Ye-Soprano Soprano 13-By My Side-Soprano
Alto 02-Prepare Ye-Alto Alto 13-By My Side-Alto
Tenor 02-Prepare Ye-Tenor Bass 13-By My Side-Bass
Baritone 02-Prepare Ye-Baritone All 13-By My Side-All
All 02-Prepare Ye-All 14-We Beseech Thee Lead 14-We Beseech Thee-Lead
03-Save the People Jesus 03-Save the People-Jesus Soprano 14-We Beseech Thee-Soprano
Soprano 03-Save the People-Soprano Alto 14-We Beseech Thee-Alto
Alto 03-Save the People-Alto Baritone 14-We Beseech Thee-Bass
Tenor 03-Save the People-Tenor All 14-We Beseech Thee-All
Bass 03-Save the People-Bass 15-Day By Day Reprise Melody 15-Day By Day – Reprise-Melody
All 03-Save the People-All Soprano Chorus 15-Day By Day – Reprise-Soprano
04-Day By Day Lead 04-Day By Day-Lead Alto Chorus 15-Day By Day – Reprise-Alto
Soprano 04-Day By Day-Soprano Baritone Chorus 15-Day By Day – Reprise-Baritone
Alto 04-Day By Day-Alto All 15-Day By Day – Reprise-All
Tenor 04-Day By Day-Tenor 16-On the Willows Melody 16-On The Willows-Melody
Baritone 04-Day By Day-Bass High Chorus 16-On The Willows-High Harmony
All 04-Day By Day-All Low Chorus 116-On The Willows-Low Harmony
05-Learn Your Lessons Well Solo 05-Learn Your Lessons Well-solo All 16-On The Willows-All
06-Bless the Lord Lead 06-Bless the Lord-Lead 17-Finale Jesus 17-Finale-Jesus
Soprano 06-Bless the Lord-Soprano Soprano 17-Finale-Soprano
Alto 06-Bless the Lord-Alto Alto 17-Finale-Alto
Guys 06-Bless the Lord-Men Baritone 17-Finale-Baritone
All 06-Bless the Lord-All All 17-Finale-All
07-All For the Best Jesus 07-All For The Best-Jesus 18-Curtain Call Jesus Chorus 18-Curtain Call-Jesus & Chorus
Jesus Chorus 07-All For The Best-Jesus Chorus Judas Chorus 18-Curtain Call-Judas & Chorus
Judas 07-All For The Best-Judas All 18-Curtain Call-All
Judas Chorus 07-All For The Best-Judas Chorus 01-Opening 02-Tower Of Babble 03-Prepare Ye
All 07-All For The Best-All 04-Save The People 05-Day By Day 06-Learn Your Lessons Well
08-All Good Gifts Lead 08-All Good Gifts-Lead 07-Bless The Lord 08-All For The Best 09-All Good Gifts
Soprano 08-All Good Gifts-Soprano 10-Light Of The World 12-Turn Back, O Man 13-Alas For You
09-Light of the World-All Alto 08-All Good Gifts-Alto 14-By My Side 15-We Beseech Thee 16-Day By Day (Reprise)
Guys 08-All Good Gifts-Men 17-On The Willows 18-Finale
All 08-All Good Gifts-All
09-Light of the World Lead 09-Light of the World-Lead
High Chorus 09-Light of the World-Chorus High
Low Chorus 09-Light of the World-Chorus Low
All 09-Light of the World-All