‘Princess’ Rehearsal Tracks – Act One

01-Princess Prologue from bar 24 Part 1 01-Princess Prologue-Part 1
Part 2 01-Princess Prologue-Part 2
Part 3 01-Princess Prologue-Part 3
Part 4 01-Princess Prologue-Part 4
Part 5 01-Princess Prologue-Part 5
Part 6 01-Princess Prologue-Part 6
All 01-Princess Prologue-All
02-Where Do I Go from Here-from bar 15 Princess 02-Where Do I Go From Here-Princess
All 02-Where Do I Go From Here-All
03-Rumpelstilskin Rumpelstiltskin-All 03-Rumplestilskin-All
Rumpelstiltskin-No Percussion 03-Rumplestilskin-No percussion
04-Love at First Bite Hansel 04-Love At First Bite-Hansel
Gretel 04-Love At First Bite-Gretel
All 04-Love At First Bite-All
05-Cut from the Same Cloth Snow White 05-Cut From The Same Cloth-Snow White
Goldilocks 05-Cut From The Same Cloth-Goldilocks
All 05-Cut From The Same Cloth-All
05a- Rumpelstiltskin-Reprise Rumpelstiltskin-All 05a-Rumplestiltskin Reprise-All
Rumpelstiltskin-No percussion 05a-Rumplestiltskin Reprise-No percussion
06-Where’d You Get That Bling All 06-Where’d Ya Get That Bling-All
07-What Lies Ahead Part 1 07-What Lies Ahead-2-Part 1
Part 2 07-What Lies Ahead-2-Part 2
Part 3 07-What Lies Ahead-2-Part 3
All 07-What Lies Ahead-2-All
07a-What Lies Ahead-Reprise Part 1 07a-What Lies Ahead Reprise-Part 1
Part 2 07a-What Lies Ahead Reprise-Part 2
Part 3 07a-What Lies Ahead Reprise-Part 3
All 07a-What Lies Ahead Reprise-All