Winter Workshops

Winter Theatre Workshops-2019

We are offering another winter theatre workshop series led by Rochelle Reynolds, an accomplished professional actor, writer and director. Rochelle holds two degrees in theatre and is eager to share some of her knowledge and experience with all of you!

The workshops will run in four parts:

Workshop #1- Taking Direction:

Through a series of fun games/activities, every participant will be challenged to listen and adapt to various directions. This can include:

-blindfolded task completion (i.e. move an object from one place to another),

-learning how to walk based solely on written/verbal instruction,

-changing tactics through short scenes.

Workshop #2- Given Circumstances:

Using short ‘neutral scenes’, pairs of participants will be asked to fill out the scenes with as many details as possible to create full, dynamic scenes. This will then expand into groups of three- one director and two actors all applying their new skills/knowledge all together.

Workshop #3- Ensembles:

This workshop is all about cooperation and group work. The large group will be divided into smaller groups and will be asked to complete various tasks including tableau, text interpretation through physical theatre and contact improv.

Workshop #4- The Finale:

This final workshop will combine all the skills built in the first three workshops. It will culminate in two large group presentations which are created entirely by the groups themselves. As an ensemble, each group will be required to generate given circumstances, create characters and take direction from one another in order to create a complete scene. They will be given prompts/rules that need to be incorporated into the final piece.

Unlike last year which focused on the importance of individuality and solo performance, this year is all about the power of togetherness and learning how to work effectively as an ensemble.

When 1:00 to 4:00 pm

Saturday January 12th; Saturday February 9th; Saturday March 23rd; April 13th.

Where Church of the Good Shepherd

219 Scott St., Stayner

Cost $60.00 per person (this covers all 4 workshops; people cannot register for single classes).

If you aren’t a current member of CCT then you will be required to join. (single-$25; family $60).

Handout materials will be provided, but please bring your own binder, water and snacks to each class.

Who Anyone aged 12 and up.

There are only 30 spots available and will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Please e-mail your intent to register to

You will fill out a registration form on the first Saturday.